A Breast Cancer Book written by two sisters who are both breast cancer survivors.

What others say:

"Recommending this book is my pleasure. There's hope between these covers. It is a beautiful contribution to anyone facing a cancer diagnosis and the people in their lives." Betty Ford, Former First Lady, and breast cancer survivor

". . . I am really, really delighted with it. . . It's so helpful to be reminded that you are a whole person even while going through the breast cancer experience."
Jill Eikenberry, Actress and breast cancer survivor

"I loved this book.
As a daughter and granddaughter of breast cancer survivors who avoids reading books on this scary subject, I found this book to be sweet and comforting. . . if I were ever diagnosed, I would keep the book close to help me get through day to day difficulties.."
Laurel Parnell, Ph.D., Author, Transfoming Trauma: EMDR

Yes After Cancer
digestible dollops for well-being after treatment

Do you ever ask yourself, "How in the world can I make a difference?"

Diagnosis and treatment are not the favorite subjects on my reading list & I imagine they're not favorites of yours either...the whole subject can certainly throw a wrench into the mechanism of life, yet, also, believe it or not, a fairy dusting of possibilities.

The easily digestible dollops of info this e-Book will support you or a loved one to take action with ease, compassion, generosity, joy and the spirit of possibility.

The Not-so-Scary Breast Cancer Book

Two Sisters' Guide from Discovery to Recovery

"This is the book we wish we'd had!" say the authors, who are sisters and breast cancer survivors. They use their experience to help the reader make sense of the chaotic upheaval that affects every aspect of life after a cancer diagnosis.

By Carolyn Ingram, Ed.D., and Leslie Ingram Gebhart, M.A.,
Illustrated by Mary Clark

Offers inspiration, information and guidance for the diagnosed person and those in their lives
Covers topics including diagnosis, body, emotions, mind, spirit, relationships, grief and fear
Explains how to handle other people's reactions
Helps you to understand what the doctor's tell you
Gives ideas on how to keep the rest of your life going and ways to cope

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Women diagnosed with breast cancer
Relatives, loved ones, and friends of those diagnosed
Those who fear breast cancer
Marriage and family therapists
Gives ideas on how to keep the rest of your life going and ways to cope


Easily accessible (in short sections) to accommodate the emotional needs of cancer patients
Endearing illustrations
Approaches breast cancer from the viewpoints of the diagnosed person and the support person
Authoritative guidance
Practical, helpful hints, suggestions and reminders, "Do's and Don'ts"

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Breast Cancer Book

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