About the Authors

These sisters have a talent for tapping into the universal through very personal experience and for teaching and touching the mind and the heart. This quality is apparent in all of their collaborative efforts which include the books, Have You Ever Been a Child?, PRIVATE Keep Out!, and The Not-so-Scary Breast Cancer Book, media appearances and public speaking.

Carolyn Ingram, Ed.D. (younger sister) is a psychologist and coach with a private practice in Marin County, CA.


Photo by Joseph Greco, Mill Valley, CA

Leslie Ingram Gebhart M.A. (first born) is coach and CEO of Trineheart Publishers in Palm Springs, CA.


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Coaching Colleagues

Coaching colleagues as well as sisters, Leslie and Carolyn offer a clear plan to achieve more balance, joy and success with both work and leisure. They provide you with the tools, support and structure needed to succeed in accomplishing what you want with ease. They help you to identify a goal you haven't reached, a dream you'd like to have come true or an intuition that there's more for you to do. Together you'll create a plan uniquely suited to you. Because coaching is done on the telephone, neither time nor distance are barriers--you can be anywhere in the world during your coaching session.

  • If you've dreamed of writing a book, they coach you to complete your manuscript and submit it for publication.
  • If you are an adult child of alcoholic parents, they coach you to identify goals that are joyful, not hard and stressful.
  • If you are a breast cancer survivor, coaching can illuminate the path forward and create strategies for increasing quality moments.
  • If you've been a caregiver you may be ready to focus newly on your own needs.

Would it be all right with you if life were easier?

Through coaching you get results. You will have Carolyn or Leslie at your side to keep you accountable and to more clearly see your unique talents.

For more information, visit CoachingColleagues.com or please contact:

Carolyn at 415-457-1162 or e-mail:
Leslie at 760-320-2688 or e-mail leslieg@childvoice.com

Certified through the Academy for Coaching Excellence, Leslie and Carolyn are inspiring speakers as well as authors. In addition to their individual and corporate coaching, they enjoy making presentations in person adding laughter and a fresh viewpoint to some of life's toughest topics.

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